Where and When:  Anderson Park
On: Sunday 29th November
From: 9am to 1pm

Help us keep our pitches, clubrooms and surrounds in top class shape and repair for the season coming up.

It SEEMS like a long way a way but’s just around the corner !!

Anderson Park needs some love and care and we need your help. You as our members and players and parents, use and enjoy the facility and I’m sure you want our pitch and club to be one of the best presented and clean and tidy in the South East.

We have several jobs that need doing inc:

  • Tidying up the area between the synthetic pitch and the clubrooms
  • Cleaning out drains and spillways that help drain the ground
  • Removal of grass growing up the fences around all the pitches
  • General sweeping and cleaning and tidy up
  • Helping sort out left over strips and apparel from previous years
  • Painting
  • Lots more on the day you can be assured

Can the committee please ask as many of you as possible to come to AP on the day and time provided above.

Lets all start to work toward being the best, community and member focused club in the FFV !!!!

Bring wheelbarrows, whipper-snippers, hoes, rakes, brooms or just yourself.

Players are encouraged to come and help out as well.

Many hands make light work – See you on the day “”Free Sausage Sizzle at the end of the day!!!””