Onemda and Doncaster Rovers Soccer Clinics

Through Grants from Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise Foundation, our Onemda & DRSC Clinics continues to build strong community partnerships with individuals and organisations including the Onemda Organisation and Bendigo Bank.

Our Clinics create opportunities for intellectually and physically disabled  people through healthy exercise, team building,promoting self esteem and confidence. A variety of soccer based activities allow participants to develop socialisation, ball skills, improve hand eye coordination and gross motor skills.

DRSC is committed to a partnership with Bendigo Banks’ Manningham Community Enterprise Foundation and supports this wonderful generous organisation.

All Coaches running the Onemda Soccer Clinics have up to date Football Federation Australia Licences, Working with Children’s Checks and 2017 First Aid Certificates.

Any volunteers from the community are welcome to assist in the Clinics run each Wednesday morning this year from 10 Am, from February to December.

Please contact Linda on Ph: 0414 282 036

Or Richard on Ph: 0414 622 362

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ONEMDA and Doncaster Rovers 2018  Special Events Calendar

All welcome to attend and participate at these special events.  All noted activities will conclude with a light 30 minute morning tea providing an opportunity to say thanks to the facilitators and sponsors of the program.

For all activities, locations and dates, please see PDF below.

Doncaster Rovers recognised by FFA for great service to Onemda

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