We are excited to announce the time slots for each team and players for the Club photos for 2016.

Please see your team managers to get your forms to fill out to be handed in as soon as possible.

Wednesday Night 15th June

Arrive        Time of Shoot        Team

5.00pm        5.20-5.50pm            Mini Roo’s – Under 7’s (Inc Shane’s U8 team)

5.40pm        6.00-6.20pm            Under 8 Joeys (T. Zlatanovski and A. Cantone)

6.10pm        6.30-6.50pm            Under 10 Wallabies

6.40pm        7.00-7.20pm            Under 10 Joeys

Monday Night 20th June

Arrive        Time of Shoot         Team

5.10pm        5.30-5.50pm            Under 9 Joeys (Orange)

5.40pm        6.00-6.20pm            Under 9 Joeys

6.10pm        6.30-6.50pm            Senior Men

6.40pm        7.00-7.20pm            Senior Men Reserves    

7.10pm        7.30-7.50pm            Under 15A

7.40pm        8.00-8.20pm            Under 18

8.10pm        8.30-8.50pm            Under 16

Wednesday Night 22nd June 

Arrive        Time of Shoot        Team

5.10pm        5.30-5.50pm            Under 11 Joeys

5.40pm        6.00-6.20pm            Under 11 Wallabies

6.10pm        6.30-6.50pm            Under 11 Kangaroos

7.10pm        7.30-7.50pm            Under 12 Wallabies

7.40pm        8.00-8.20pm            Under 12 Kangaroos

8.10pm        8.30-8.50pm            Under 14B